Crisis Centre North Bay - Four Elms Emergency Shelter

Description of Services: Crisis Centre Four Elms Emergency Shelter accepts men, women, and children. Staff assist in resolving the crisis that brought the client to the shelter.

Address: 1675 Cassells St.

Phone: 705-474-1031

Website: www.crisiscentre-nb.on.ca/services-and-programs/shelter-four-elms/

Crisis Centre North Bay - Futures Residence

Description of Services: a life-skills based transitional housing unit for persons aged 16 to 24

Address:1651 Cassells St.

Phone: 705-476-4502

Website: ​www.crisiscentre-nb.on.ca/services-and-programs/futures-youth-program/

Low Barrier Shelter

Description of Services: provides 21 shelter spaces

Address: 590 Chippewa St.

Hours: 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Phone: 705-358-5901

Nipissing Transition House

Description of Services: provides a 20 bed shelter for women 16 years of age or older and their children fleeing abuse

Address: 547 John St.

Phone: 705-476-2429

Website: ​https://nipissingtransitionhouse.com/

Ojibway Women's Lodge

Description of Services: provides a short term 10 bed emergency shelter to women and children fleeing violence

Address: 131 Commanda Cres.

Phone: 705-472-3321

Website: ​www.ojibwaywomenslodge.ca/


The Gathering Place

Description of Services: provides hot meals to people in need

Meals Provided:

  • Breakfast: 9am to 10am Monday-Friday

  • Lunch: 11:30am to 1:15pm Monday-Friday

  • Dinner: 4pm to 5:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday

Address: 1181 Cassells St.

Phone: 705-474-7687

Website: www.thegatheringplacenorthbay.ca/

North Bay Food Bank

Description of Services: provides food items to individuals in need. Clients can access once every 30 days

For Services You Will Need:

  • Valid photo ID for each household member

  • Income statement(s)

  • Proof of rent and address

Client Hours:

  • Monday & Tuesday: 9am to 12 noon

  • Wednesday & Thursday: 3pm to 6pm

Address: 1016 Fisher St.

Phone: 705-495-0413

Website: ​northbayfoodbank.ca/


Yes Employment

Description: provides employment services

Address: 149 Main St. E.

Phone: 705-476-9302

Website: ​yesnorthbay.com/

Mental Health and Addictions

Nipissing Detox and Substance Abuse Program

Description of Services: community-based substance use treatment program

Address: 120 King St. W.

Phone: 705-476-6240 x6290

Nipissing Mental Health Housing and Support Services

Description of Services: Addictions treatment and services; mental health care management services

Address: 222 Main St. E.

Phone: 705-476-4088

Website: ​nmhhss.ca/

Other Social Services

Low Income People Involvement of Nipissing (LIPI)

Description of Services: provide support to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

Address: 127 Main St. E.

Phone: 705-472-1337

Website: ​lipinipissing.com/

Ontario Works

Description of Services: social assistance program that provides employment assistance and financial support

Address: 200 McIntyre St. E.

Phone: 705-474-1923

Website: ​dnssab.ca/ontario-works/