Help ensure that our rooms stay open and ready to house men in need!

When you sponsor a room your donation goes towards all the costs associated with men staying at the shelter and occupying that room.

Check out the pictures of our rooms below.

Designating Your Donation

If you wish to Sponsor a Room please indicate so on:

Our Rooms

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 5

Bedroom 6

Bedroom 7

Charitable Tax Receipts

Any donation made to Hope Awaits Ministries for $20 or more is eligible for a tax receipt. Receipts will be provided on an annual basis and will include all gifts given in a calendar year.

In order to receive a charitable tax receipt donors must provide their full name and address to Hope Awaits Ministries at the time of donation.

Please Note: any designated funds received that exceed the total amount needed for a given month will be distributed to cover other expenses at Hope Awaits. Thank you for your understanding.