Since a young age I have wanted to honour and serve the Lord with my life, and He assured me that I would be able to do whatever it was that He had in store for me. Yet somewhere along the way I fell into the trap of trying to figure out my life in my own strength. God had to show me that I cannot do it on my own, but only as I rest in Him will I be able to do all that He has for me to do. As a follower of Christ that is really our first responsibility- abiding in Him. Then, out of this can properly flow all life and ministry.

God made it clear to me that I was to come to North Bay and serve through Hope Awaits. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that He has provided so far to both grow in my faith and share it with others. I look forward to continuing to serve and support the staff, volunteers and men that God brings to us. 



I have been involved with Hope Awaits from the very early stages, first as prayer support and then as spiritual adviser. It was during this time that Holy Spirit started speaking to me about being a doer of the word and not a hearer only; Jesus said to His disciples that feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting those in prison, and ministering to the widow, was being His hands, His mouth, and His feet.

When asked if I would consider being a missionary at Hope Awaits, the Lord spoke to me clearly that He was asking for my obedience.  I have long learned that obedience is the highest form of worship, and confirmed it with great peace in accepting this call. 



It is with great joy and gratitude that I come to be here as a member of the Hope Awaits missionary team. Since the beginning of my Christian Journey over 35 years ago, I have always felt the missionary impulse. This has brought me into relationship with people throughout Canada and around the world. For the last decade, the main expression of this call has been with children through the direct sharing of the Gospel on Sunday mornings, the beautiful ministry known as The Catechism of the Good Shepherd, and the indirect work of coaching children, particularly young female athletes in soccer and ringette. That God has opened up for me this new opportunity to share the Good News with adult men is a great boon for me, my family, and, God willing, for the church community with whom I worship. I am equally excited to be sharing this work in an ecumenically diverse team. I believe God desires unity and this unity must be seen by the world such that the world can give praise to our Father in Heaven for the good deeds he accomplishes through us because of that same unity. (Matthew 5:14)

To this end I invite you to share in this ministry which God has established to accomplish His good purpose. First and foremost, what I ask for is that you join with me and the rest of the Hope Awaits team in prayer. As Oswald Chambers said, “We pray when there's nothing else we can do, but God wants us to pray before we do anything at all.” and “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work."

As well, I ask you to pray about how you might be able to join in this ministry through the sharing of your financial resources. I am not asking you necessarily to support me by becoming a direct sponsor of me here at Hope Awaits (if that is what God wants you to do, then you should likely do so). Rather, just like I am a member of the team, I would like you to become a member of our team. As such, I ask you to consider financially supporting the whole ministry. By both your spiritual and temporal support, we, the missionary team can become your representatives, the “face” of all the benefactors of this ministry, as we proclaim the love of God to the men we serve and support here at Hope Awaits Ministries. 



I grew up in a rough neighbourhood as a child, and was around drugs my entire life.  I came to know Christ in my teen years and would struggle with addiction, but Jesus never gave up on me; He pulled me out of the waters and delivered me from my addictions.  Once I confessed and repented of my sins and pursued Christ 110%, I knew right in that moment that I needed to share my testimony with other fellow addicts.  I wanted them to have what I had and that was a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.  I've always loved helping people, God put on my heart that I was to work in this ministry, to share what He has done in my life with all the clients, to show them they are not alone, that I was once where they were and God pulled me out!  At the end of the day Holy Spirit has me here for a reason and I couldn't be happier to be a part of His ministry.



Since my childhood I wanted to do God’s ministry.  As I am from India I thought I would be involved in any Indian ministry.  But God’s plan was different.  He opened ways for me to study in Canada with the course I wanted to pursue.  I asked God to give me a ministry based job as full-time even before coming to Canada.  On my first semester in college I came to know about Hope Awaits.  Hearing about this place, I thought it is an ideal place to work.  I didn’t have any hope that I would get a job at Hope Awaits but still I just asked God that if it was His will and if He wanted to place me there give me a job in Hope Awaits Ministries.  Soon after the completion of my course, when I was eligible to work full time I got job at Hope Awaits.  God brought each and everything into place in the right time. The bible says "He will give you the desires of your heart".  So, I am more grateful to God in giving me an opportunity to work for Him and share the gospel.  



I have always had a heart for people who do not know Jesus and for those in need of help.  I have had a deep conviction since I was young that I needed to share the Gospel with those around me.  It did not matter where I was, I knew that God had placed me in a particular place, surrounded by certain people for a reason.  I struggled with knowing how to share my faith and having the boldness to.  It wasn’t until about 2015 that mentors of mine showed me what street evangelism looked like.  I needed direction and the Lord placed me with these mentors at the right place and at the right time.  It did not take long until I grew a greater passion to see people saved, or at the very least, for them to hear the Gospel.  I got to see people come to know the Lord and grow to know Jesus on a deeper level.  Ever since then I have wanted to be a part of some sort of outreach ministry helping those in vulnerable situations.

When my husband and I knew we were moving to North Bay I was intimidated by the idea of having to find another job.  I was struggling with finding the right job.  I did not know about Hope Awaits until we drove past it one day and I decided to look up the website.  I felt God re-ignite the same conviction in me from years ago.  I felt like I needed to know more about the job.  God directed everything and I am so excited to be working at Hope Awaits Ministries.  I know the Lord has led me here and I know if I let Him, He will use me to do His work. 



Service to humanity has always been my passion as I grow in Christ.  As Jesus Christ commanded us to preach the gospel and make disciples of men, it has always been my joy to show the love of Christ to anyone around me.  In coming to Canada I prayed to God to give me a job that will not take away from Him.  Then I discovered Hope Awaits Ministries, a place of love, where Christ's hope is renewed for the hopeless.  Hallelujah!



I was born and raised in a Christian home. And since my childhood, I’ve

known Christ and the love of the gospel. God has been awesome in my

life, and I love to show and share this love and passion for Jesus to

people around me, so that they may be able to experience the

awesomeness of God.

I’ve always loved to be around people who are yet to know Christ, to

spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and let them know that God can

change any situation around for good. The Bible says in Matthew 6:33

to seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and he will

give you anything you need.

A few months after I came to North Bay, I prayed to God to direct me to

where he wanted me to be, and God brought me to Hope Awaits

Ministries. It is fulfilling to be part of a team dedicated to making a

positive impact in people’s lives, especially during their most vulnerable

moments and to share the Gospel which has been my heart’s desire. This is a place where Christ’s love abounds.

There is peace and contentment in serving the Lord. 

Glory to God